My Game

I am a clearing for ‘leben’ (Leben means life in German) in this world. We all tell stories about ourselves and its all that is left of us when others learn our story. Who I am is the possibility of a fully-expressed community story. The Act I give up is that I can’t make a difference. I am a Learning Man!


I call Wooster, Ohio my home town, but I have lived in the Austin, Texas area since 1981. My work experiences include program evaluation, grant writing, and needs assessment for the Austin Independent School District and the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Office of Strategic Planning. After 1993, I returned to my passion for instructional technology by becoming a freelance course developer and instructional designer/writer for companies such as Dell, Inc. who required web-based, employee training materials.

Dr. Clay Leben received his degree in 1985 from the UT-Austin, School of Social Work for his dissertation research on computer-assisted field journal writing and social work student learning styles. Prior to this he taught social work classes and field instruction for five years at Hong Kong Baptist College and the University of Hong Kong. He received his MSSA in 1974 from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.

For many years, I have been an active volunteer and board member for community groups and nonprofit organizations including the Friends of the O. Henry and Dickinson Museums, Austin Community Television (ACTV now called ChannelAustin,) and the Pflugerville Council of Neighborhood Associations (PfCONA).

The City Council of Pflugerville recognized him for his contribution to an award-winning book, Pflugerville: A Heritage to Remember. In 2003, Clay and his wife Norma established an Endowment for Excellence in Play Therapy Methods at the UT-Austin School of Social Work. We both have served on the School of Social Work Alumni Advisory Council since 2004. I was appointed by the City Council in 2011 to serve on the Pflugerville Community Library Advisory Board.


The night skyline harbor view of Hong Kong was taken during my recent October, 2011 visit with Norma. We lived in Hong Kong for five years (1974-79). The sailboats were anchored for the September 2011 Breakfast Cruise that I host annually for my Catalina Fleet 69 friends.


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