The People Side of Change (audio recording)

Why Do Change Initiatives Fail?

According to research cited by Beverly Moore, approximately 70% of all change initiatives fail. It’s a sobering statistic.

On the other hand, proponents of Organizational Change Management say using its principles will increase the probability of success up to 90%!  Organization change management (OCM) is a structured approach to enhance the speed, adoption, and sustainment of a business transformation. As an internal OCM consultant at Dell, Moore has over 25 years of experience designing and executing large corporate organizational development strategies. Her Dell responsibilities can involve change efforts with thousands of people and a stakeholder group of over 150 employees in several countries. 

Moore’s presentation to the Austin ASTD chapter ID SIG on March 22, 2012 introduced managing the “people side” of change, the common reasons transformation efforts fail, and how to improve the chances of success.

Beverly Moore

Beverly Moore

Citing the Best Practices in Change Management Report by Prosci, Moore said the top reasons for successful change efforts include talking to the people impacted by the change and explaining the reasons why the change is needed. In her work, because engineers focus more on project management elements such as scope, budget, ROI, and product launch, she works to balance this by integrating OCM people-oriented strategies with strong communication and training plans. 

Presentation Highlights

  1. Seven reasons why change initiatives fail
  2. What is included in a Change Readiness Assessment?
  3. How do you choose who is in your Stakeholders Group?
  4. How does Dell OCM make sponsorship visible?
  5. What is included in a strong vision statement?

Download Beverly Moore’s slide presentation (PDF).

Listen to the Presentation.

Recorded with the speaker’s permission, produced by Clay Leben, and shared under a Creative Commons (attribution, non-commercial, share alike) license. Duration 54 minutes. (mp3 file, 25 MB)


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