Video: Web 2.0 in Learning Environments

Web 2.0 is a rapidly growing part of university teaching.  Faculty are more frequently asking students to build learner eportfolios, create multimedia presentations, participate in authentic group projects, and reach out with social networking to new audiences. But what evidence has been collected thus far in the research journal literature?

Debby Kalk, Gregg Orr, and Lance Kinney, U. of Texas at Austin doctoral students, recently completed a literature survey of 148 journal articles (76 theoretical and 72 research) that reported on the use of blogs, wikis, virtual worlds, podcasts, and social networking in university teaching. They summarized their conclusions to an interested audience of ASTD Austin Chapter members.

Recorded July 16, 2010 in Austin, Texas. Length: 47 minutes

Watch My Video

ASTD Austin – Web 2.0 Tools in University Classes from learningman on Vimeo.


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