Rapid ID according to Thiagi and Star Fisher

In 2007,¬† Star Fisher attended a Houston workshop with Dr. Thiagi, famous advocate of fun and games in learning design. She summarized Dr. Thiagi’s 14 rapid development principles and 8 design steps for the ID SIG of the Austin ASTD chapter on October 22, 2009. Star’s 2-page handout can be downloaded by clicking¬† Rapid ID Handout by Star Fisher. Star is a Curriculum Designer with Time Warner Cable who builds training materials for new hire employees. She has over 15 years experience designing training and is an ASTD CPLP.

Highlights (time from beginning)

  • You can learn about Dr. Thiagi and download training ideas at his web site.
  • Activity:¬† Card exchange and rating (starts at 9 minutes)
  • Explanation of 8 steps in rapid ID (starts 17 minutes)
  • Description of 14 principles of rapid ID (starts 22 minutes)
  • Thiagi’s favorite tip for grabbing audience attention. (29:18 minutes)
  • Thiagi published Star’s original frame game “information basketball” that we played. (36 minutes)
  • Discussion about how to adapt to elearning and distance learning. (42 minutes)
  • How ID can persuade trainers to adopt open-ended activities. (49:30 minutes)
  • Closing. The 6 debriefing questions to ask the audience at the end of presentations. (73 minutes)

Listen to the presentation (75:13 minutes.)

It can also be downloaded from the Internet Archive.


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