How should I revise

Norma, my life’s better half, has created many useful publications to help play therapists work with children, especially hyperactive ones. She’s sold thousands of her Directive Group Play Therapy: 60 Structured Games for the Treatment of ADHD, Low Self-Esteem, and Traumatized Children. I’ve helped her over the years with publication layouts and editing since English is her second language.

One of my promises is to redesign her web site with more video. For example, I used and embedded the slide show on the home page. I would also like to try WordPress or Drupal as a CMS instead of separate HTML pages. Dreamweaver seems so old school now. Another reason to try WordPress would be the beautiful layout themes others have created and share for free.

Which brings me to the point of this entry. I have been looking for templates or themes that suggest play and children, but have yet to find a good one. Thanks in advance for links to any WordPress or Drupal layout designs you think might be inspirational.


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