Why I chose my user name and blog name

I was sitting and staring at the profile screen when into my head popped “Learning Man” because I was thinking of “Burning Man” and the desert festival with all the art and sculptures. Learning Man inspires me with the possibility of “to be on fire for continuous learning that renews my life.” I chose “Learning Design Matters” as a blog name because I wanted to explore learning design issues–a deeper subject of concern–and I also wanted to argue that design for learning is really important. Design matters in the results achieved by learners. For more play on “matters” I refer to the definition at the American Heritage Dictionary

…. 5. The substance of thought or expression as opposed to the manner in which it is stated or conveyed. 6. A subject of concern, feeling, or action: matters of foreign policy; a personal matter. See synonyms at subject. 7. Trouble or difficulty: What’s the matter with your car? 8. An approximated quantity, amount, or extent: The construction will last a matter of years. 9. Something printed or otherwise set down in writing: reading matter. 10. Something sent by mail. 11. Printing a. Composed type. b. Material to be set in type. INTRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: mat·tered, mat·ter·ing, mat·ters To be of importance: “Love is most nearly itself/When here and now cease to matter” (T.S. Eliot). See synonyms at count1. IDIOMS: as a matter of fact In fact; actually. for that matter So far as that is concerned; as for that. no matter


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